Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Basing Technique

I have tried my first dynamic basing...moving beyond just painting green on my Litko 1.5mm bases.

I did this for my son's US Rifle Company for FOW.

1) Score bases
2) Paint CraftSmart brown acrylic paint around the edges
3) Glue on figure with Elmers PVA
4) Cover base with texture consisting of Vallejo grey course pumice and the CraftSmart brown paint
5) Drybrush with US Tan Earth (70874)
6) Small pathes of GaleForce 9 fine basing grit (watered down glue)
7) Cover most of remaining surface with GaleForce 9 green static grass (watered down glue)
8) Spray with Army Painter matte varnish to seal and dull the figures (finished with the Army Painter dip)

Will post a shot of the finished product next.