Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 Painting Report

August has been a fantastic month on the painting front. I completed all the items on my plan, and started on those for September. These first two months are packed with painting and I had expected to have to slide some things to later in the Fall...but if I keep at it in September, things are looking great.

3 x 12 figure Infantry units: 36 points

Flames of War:
121 x US Rifle Company figures: 121 points
96 x GE Fallschirmjager : 96 points

Otter Fort: 10 points
Painted the bases on about 60 bases of the imagi-nation OPFOR: 0 points

TOTAL: 253 points !!!

Plans for September are:
1) US Para Platoon
2) GE Grenadier Platoon (need to order 2 medium bases)
3) 4 x 12 figure Infantry units for Imagi-nation
4) 13 x Splintered Light Hares
5) Hare fort

Continued the skirmish game we have laid out in the basement. Need to finish this one.
Also got in a few games of Memior.

Nothing! For the first month since I started gaming/painting, I did not make any purchases. Since making my year-plan, I am going to watch what I buy so the lead mountain stays a mole hill.