Thursday, August 12, 2010

Long Term Plan as of 21 NOV 2010

---Updated 17 Oct 10

I have been working on a long term plan to organize my projects for the next year. It is agressive, but I want to start bringing some projects to maturity so I can keep organized and not develop a mountain of unpainted lead. My planned purchases are limited for the coming year:

1) FOW platoons at each convention
2) Keep buying 1 of each Splintered Light animal pose
3) Maybe get more of the Blue Moon FIW 15mm range for the imagi-nation.

My stand by at any time will be the Splintered Light figures as I have only about a dozen of each animal so I can finish a group quickly if I hit painter's block on other projects.

I plan to make a unique terrain piece/fort for each SL faction too.

August 2010:
1) US Rifle Company (done)
2) GE Falschrimjager Company (done)
3) 3 x 12 figure Infantry units for Imagi-nation (done)
4) Fort for the Splintered Light Otters (done)
5) Finish painting the imagi-nation enemy forces bases green  (done)

September 2010:
1) US Para Platoon (done)
2) GE Grenadier Platoon (done)
3) 4 x 12 figure Infantry units for Imagi-nation (done)
4) 13 x Splintered Light Hares (done)
5) Hare fort -------(Delayed)

October 2010:
1) 18 x SL Rats (done)
2) Rat fort -------(Delayed)
3) 2 x SL Wolverines (done)
4) 4 x 12 figure Infantry units (done)
5) 7 x SL Badgers (done)
6) 3 x tanks (done)
7) 1 x camp (done)
8) prime figures for the winter (done)
9) SL Squirells (done)
10) rebase purchased enemy imagi-nation units (8 inf, 5 cav units) (done)

November 2010:
1) US half-tracks (done)
2) US Armored Rifle Platoon with dismounted machineguns (done)
3) GE Fallschrimjager platoon with MGs, Mortars, and snipers (done)
4) US Rifle Platoon (done)
5) GE half-tracks and STUGS (done)

December 2010:
1) 8 x 12 figure Infantry units for Imagi-nation (end of the Infantry)

2) SF Foxes
January 2011:
1) 12 x 8 figure Cavalry units for Imagi-nation (end of the Cavalry)
February 2011:
1) Imagi-nation civilians, generals,  and odds/ends

March 2011:
1) Imagi-nation equipment such as limbers, wagons, and ambulances

April 2011:
1) US Platoon (bought at Cold Wars)
2) GE Platoon (bought at Cold Wars)

May 2011:
1) Space Ships for Starmada

2) Remaining modern skirmish figures
June 2011:
1) Finish SL figures

July 2011:
1) US Platoon (Historicon purchase)
2) GE Platoon (Historicon purchase)

This takes me out a year and 2.5 years since I started painting/gaming/collecting. It will mature many of my projects (except ancients and pirates) allowing me to get more focused on gaming.