Monday, November 29, 2010

November 2010 Painting Totals

A good month after starting off slow and having to overcome some painters block. The focus this month was on finishing up the remaining Flames of War figures so no progress on other projects. It does feel good to mature this project. I will add items when the mood strikes, most likely when going to the HMGS conventions.

Flames of War:

2 x STUG III: 4 pts
4 x GE half-tracks: 8 pts
5 x US half-tracks: 10 pts
US Armored Rifle Platoon with dismounted machineguns: 58 pts
US Rifle Platoon: 41 pts
FS Sniper section: 6 pts
FS Platoon: 46 pts
FS Mortar Platoon: 24 pts
FS Machinegun Platoon: 16 pts

TOTAL: 213 points !!!!

1 game of Memior '44
1 game of Flying Lead

Next month:
8 x 12 figure infantry units for imagi-nation (colonial figures)
Rest of the modern skirmish figures
SL Foxes