Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October 2010

October is another success. Good painting progress, plus lots of pre work priming winter and some updates to the blog.

4 x 12 figure Infantry units: 48

Splinterred Lands:
2 x Wolverines: 2
16 x Rats: 16
7 x Badgers: 7

Flames of War:
38 x US Ranger Platoon: 38 points
3 x Shermans: 6
1 x tent: 1

TOTAL: 118 points

Attended one day of Fall In.

Played some more Memior 44 with my son this month after giving him some of the expansions for his birthday.

Plan for November is:
1) SL Foxes
2) US Rifle
3) GE Fallschrimjager platoon with MGs, Mortars, and snipers
4) May try to get the half-tracks and 2 STUGs done too