Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Buy gone bad

I played the first battle in my imagi-nation modern skirmish campaign. My rebel group, The King's Grand Legion, is at a small town to purchase arms and ammunition. A small group of unknown assailants shows up to ruin the buy. This is sure to be trouble with a Federal Police outpost just down the road.

The quiet town of Vodkagrad. The group is spread out pulling security while the negotiations get underway.

Roland leads the negotiations with Angela pulling security (more on the names later).

A trio of masked gunmen emerge near the orchard.

Things are going well so far.

Until a fire fight breaks out. Crystal goes down lightly wounded, but Kesha kills one of the attackers and knocks another out of the fight. The third tries to slip into town only to get blasted by Genessa.

All the shooting brings in some unwanted company.

Two Federals lead a six pack fo local fuzz.

A fierce firefight breaks out. Tommy goes down while Seamus ends up killing one cop and wounding another. Roland is caught in the open and captured.

Doc, Crystal, and Kesha also fall into Federal hands.

Maurice recovers from being shaken up on teh balcany just in time to jump out the window and run after the fleeing truck full of his comrades.

The end result is a busted supply buy and five of the crew taken into Federal custody. Two of the masked gunmen were killed and the other heavily wounded. One of the police officers is also heavily wounded and one killed. This is sure to bring some heat on the movement.

Seamus gathers the remaining members and takes stock of the situation. In order to gain some legitimacy, they will have to strike back...a prison break is in the making. The KGL will also have to find out sent the masked gunmen.

Played this game with the Flying Lead rules from Ganesha Games.

Krasnovia is my imagi-nation modern country that is crumbling with all kinds of rebel, independance, and criminal elements...plus the hard pressed government police and army.

The King's Grand Legion is a center-right group advocating for a return of the King in a constitutional monarchy with a strong senate.

The small core of the Legion consists of:

Black Death Seamus (code name): Q3, C2, automatic rifle +2, Hero, Leader ---Group leader and former officer in the Katzian army. Dedicated to returning the king to the throne.

Genessa, Dutches of Bartley: Q3, C2, automatic rifle +2, Hero, Leader --- Second in command; distant relative of the king.

Roland: Q4, C2, automatic rifle +2;

Tommy: Q4, C2, automatic rifle +2; Body Armor

Maurice: Q4, C2, automatic rifle +2; Marksman

Kesha: Q4, C2, automatic rifle +2

Crystal: Q4, C2, shotgun +2

Trixie: Q4, C2, shotgun +2

Angelina: Q4, C2, pistols +2; Fast (long move)

Shakira: Q4, C2,

"Doc" Holliday: Q4, C2, pistol +1; Medic

Charlie: Q4, C2, automatic rifle +2; Stealthy

[The names are inside jokes with my wife and son]