Sunday, August 21, 2011

Song of the Splintered Lands

I have brought another project to maturation. The Song of the Splintered Lands range is from Splintered Light Miniatures . I am using the Song of Blades and Heroes rules from Ganesha Games . They have a specific supplement for these figures that is fantastic but I will modify the setting some to allow for more mixed warbands.

I have one of each of the figures from the whole range...188 figures total.

My painting skills are poor...these are actually super figures. Clean castings with lots of character. I strongly recommend them.

I made an otter fort for the figures and will add other terrain as the mood strikes. My son wants a fort for his hares. I am thinking about a small keep inside a protective hedge wall.

Here is a picture of all the figures together:

Note on basing-- 20mm round 1.5mm Likto bases plus a stick on magnetic bottom. Texture with Vallejo grey pumice mixed with craft brown paint. Green static grass and edge with course sand.