Saturday, July 28, 2012

Historicon 2012

My son and I attended a few days at Historicon in Fredericksberg VA.

The convention site seemed great to me with plenty of space, hotels and food close by, and local shopping. 4 to 5 hours away, I will attend again next year.

We each played in a few games. I especially enjoyed  the two Field of Battle games put on by Peter Anderson.
Seargents Miniatures Game...combo board/miniatures game.

Squad Leader Noah

His squad advances on the dug in Germans.

The first casualty.

Our side won!

Kids Wargaming 101

The Generals


1st Polotsk with Field of Battle

My Russian heavy cavalry advance boldly on the far left.

And tie down a full division plus two brigades of reserve cavalry.

My objective...the well defended church.

The cavalry pulls back but they did delay the enemy and pull the reserves to my side of the table.

A renadier division advances on the church supported by a line of guns.

The stoic Russians absorb the casualties and hit the Bavarian defenders.

The gun line protects the open left flank.

My Grenadiers took the objective and split the enemy line.

With more troops coming up as reinforcements.

A late enmy counter-attack got broken up by concentrated artillery fire.

Meanwhile, on the far flank, the Russians began to envelope the French line.

Cossacks got into the enemy rear and casused havoc.

More troops move into the center to secure the objective.

The height of the advance...nothing between my forward unit and the enemy rear except routing units.

The victory is complete on the opposite flank.

A decisive Russian victory.

Sharpe Practive game in Egypt.

French troops were defending against the British and Mamelukes.

Mameluke troops ready to attack the infidel.

My cavalry charges the French forcing two units to retreat and form square.

Not much success on the other end of the battle.

Last ditch effort to attack the French pillaging the tomb.

Only picture of the Battle of Lecco game using Carnage and Glory rules.

Battle of Malojaroslawez, another Field of Battle game

Cossacks on the flank...these guys got shot to pieces.

My command in the center...Russian infantry advancing onto the field.

I advanced all the way to the town, but could not take the buildings. I did manage to chase away some cavalry with my infantry.

Troops packed into a small area.

Reserves moving to protect the left flank.

French advanced, but suffered severe losses to artillery fire.

End game...a minor Russian victory.