Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012

31 x 15mm individual figures: 31 Points

I finished the rebasing project (about 500 figures) for all my individually mounted skirmish figures. They are all now textured, flocked, and have a magnetic base.

Games Played
3 x Tomorrow's War
2 x Flying Lead

plus lots of MineCraft!

Mid-year Review
1- Completed all on hand sci-fi figures...until I bought a new batch
2- Completed all the buildings I have bought over three years...except the paper buildings, will sell those
3- No progress on Ancients
4- Did not attend Cold Wars, but have big plans for a 4 day stay at Historicon with my son
5- Tracked spending...down from previous years
6- Less painting production but more disciplined this year

Plans for the rest of the year
1- Finish up all on hand sci-fi figures
2- Attend Historicon
3- Complete a set of desert board tiles
4- Purchase and paint remaining figures from Khurasan
5- Purchase and paint sci-fi vehicles

I am also considering getting a company of British/Canadian troops for IABSM.

Ancients and the expansion of the Katzenstein forces have been pushed to 2013.

A few pics from another game the Junior General set up...I was massacred!
My waves of low quality troops attack the dug in defenders.

POWs tried to escape...and were executed on the docks.

Pinned the front line heavy machineguns...but at a heavy price.

I barely breached the obstacle belt.

I could not exploit the limited success on the flank...he beat me back with a well timed charge into close combat.