Monday, August 27, 2012

Gangland campaign

Another pair of  Flying Lead battle with my son using his gang. In the first, his team held off the police until dark and then sliped away but had another member taken prisoner.

Holed up at a small farm complex.

Federal Police and and Agents ready to attack.
In the second game, his gang had to knock out the commo tower to eliminate the coordinated pursuit. If they succeed, the gang would get a chance to rest and refit.
Contract security troops guard the commo tower.

The gang emerges from the woods with a concentrated attack.

Early success almost makes it a short mission.

More guards emerge from the building and pin the team down.

The new guy plants the charge and blows the tower.

The group begins to escape at the sound of an approaching helo.

The helo drops a SF team that takes one gang member into custody.
Two fun games. The gang has not had a member killed, but three are held by the authorities. Next battle will be an ambush on the prisoner transfer convoy.