Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

Vehicles: 26 points
56 x Sci-fi Russians:56pts
43 x Sci-fi Arabs:43 pts
5 x 15mm Monkey Boys: 3 pts
3 x 15mm Laser Sword wielders: 5 pts
5 x Splintered Lands animals: 5 pts
14 x Sci-fi figures: 14 pts

TOTAL: 152 points

Next up is a large batch of 15mm sci-fi troops. This will finish all sci-fi and skirmish figures on hand.

Deciding if I will place one more order with Khurasan for figures and some vehilces or start my WW2 Brits.

Got in a Force on Force game with my son using his company vs some of the Khurasan Federal Army troops.

Zhu Zhus, Heros, and Splintered Lands animals

Sci-fi neo-Arabs

Sci-fi neo-Russians