Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Projects Update

I have been taking stock of my projects and it is time to evaluate where they stand.


1) Katzenstein, Napoleonic imagi-nation: Mature project. I am going to terrain the bases in 2013 and I would like to make a small expansion (5 infantry units, 3 cavalry, a few generals). No timeline on the expansion, might be another year. I have not played a game with this force all year.

2) Krasnovia, modern/future skirmish: This project has bled over into one massive modern/future/sci-fi skirmish project. I can mix and match many groups of figures. We are using three sets of rules based on the size of the game. For squad level, Flying Lead, Tomorrow's War for platoon level, and the soon to be published Quadrant 13 for company actions.

3) Ziva,  sci-fi: Some info above...finishing a company sized force right now and that completes the on hand figures. I will make one more order from Khurasan including some vehicles and then take a break from this project in 2013.

4) WW2: Switched rules from Flames of War to Too Fat Lardies "I Ain't Been Shot Mum". The card driven system is great for solo gaming. I have figures on hand for a company plus of British troops to be painted (by end of 2012) and I may rebase the Flames of War US and German troops to individual mounts. This is a long term slow, slow growth project. I will pick up some more vehicles at the coming conventions. My son is interested in WW2 so this keeps him involved.

5) Starmada, spaceships: Mature...no planned additions. I have some ships I bought that can get sold off. Have not played a game on the Hotz matz.

6) Splintered Lands, anomorphic animal skirmish: A mature project...will keep getting new figures as they are released but not sure how many more are in the pipeline. Have yet to play a battle so this is more of a collection than a gaming force. It does have great warband/campaign potential.

7) Zaquetta, ancients/fantasy/midieval imagi-nation: This has morphed some over the past few weeks. I have ancients figures on hand for an imagi-nation type project but may expand into midievals and even fantasy figures. I have been inspired by Game of Thrones (just finished all five books) to include knights and the fantasy figues out there just make for interesting painting. This will be the 2013 focus project.

8) Pirates: Figures and ships on hand. Not sure when I will paint them. Includes a bag of period civilians that have multiple uses. Don't expect to do anything with this project for another year or so.

POSSIBLE PROJECTS (in order of likely hood)

1) Napoleonics or Civil War, 6mm: I am intrigued by the 6mm figures but not ready to commit with so many other projects in the works. It would also require a change from my current 15mm only policy.

2) Wild West: I like the Blue Moon old west figures. A small collection could make for good games, but I may get  the same out of the pirates.

3) Old Schools Imagi-nation: considering a project with Spencer Smith miniatures as shown on many blogs and in the nostolgic war game books. The scale is an issue again as I would need more terrain and my Katsenstein project should meet the imagi-nation itch.

4) Flintloque, fantasy Napoleonics: I had this as a consideration but I think I will pass because of the scale (28mm) and cost.