Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Vistula Legion

A large company of sci-fi troops...these will be my main force. They are the New Vistula Legion troops from Oddzial Osmy.

Enough troops for a HQ, three platoons, plus special teams and heavy weapons sections.

Total of 150 troops.

-5x Leaders
-1 3 man comms section
-2 x 2 man medics teams

3 x RIFLE PLATOONS (31 men each)
- PL
- 3 x Rifle Squads (10 men each)
   - Squad Leader
   - SAW
   - LAW
   - Grenade Launcher
   - 6 x Riflemen (some aquire extra weapons)

- 3 x 3 man SAM teams
- 3 x 2 man scout/sniper teams
- 3 x 4 man ATGM teams
- 2 x 3 man heavy machine guns
- 2 x 3 man heavy plasma guns
- 2 x 3 man mortar teams
------ The SAM, sniper, and ATGM teams are sometimes attached to the Rifle Platoons

The manufacturer is working on some LRRP troops. I will also get some vehicles to make it a motorized company...thinking wheeled vehicles for these guys.

Looking forward to the new sci-fi rules from Too Fat Lardies to get the whole company in action.

Prime- Brite Touch General Purpose Grey
Boots- German Grey
Helmet/armor- pastel green
Gear- dark grey
Rifle- gunmetal blue
SAW- gunmetal grey
SAM- deep green
ATGM- intermediate green
LAW- military green
Heavy Rifle- oily steel
Sniper Rifle- olive drab
Heavy Weapons- German field grey
Helmet Strap- basalt grey
Sights- green flo

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