Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cold Wars 2014

My son and I attended the HMGS Cold Wars convention over the weekend. No issue with checking in to get our pre-registration badges and the hotel was OK (needs some TLC). Food was acceptable with enough options to avoid monotony. Attendance looked good but I did have two games canceled.
Spent more than I wanted (a pattern), even with SLM not on site. I ordered from SLM before we left and they gave me a 20% discount...and the figures were in the mailbox when we got home. Great service.

Flames of War- Pegasus Bridge

Lost a tank platoon as soon as they entered the battle

Great pulp game with a fantastic hirst-arts table

Check Your 6! defending Henderson Field

We had a major victory by shooting down 7 bombers...I was the only US plane lost (but I bailed out)

M'Baso (IABSM variant) in Rhodesia

We took heavy losses in the initial ambush but then went on a rampage

Sword in Africa game...Junior General won the day

Only one of his Europeans made it to safety

Look Sarge, No Charts WW2 game

The defending Russians stopped the German counterattack cold

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