Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dwarf Army

UPDATED 28 Nov 14:
The whole army in all its glory...24 units plus leaders

The force consists of the following units:

7 x Leaders
1 x Bear Cavalry
2 x Pike
1 x Bolt Thrower Battery
1 x Stone Thrower Battery
1 x Maiden Guard
3 x Crossbowmen
2 x Berserkers
1 x Mountain Rangers (Hand Crossbow)
1 x Hill Rangers (Bow)
1 x Mechanics Guild Engineers
1 x Death Cult Spearmen
1 x Spearmen
6 x Armored Footmen (Huscarls)
2 x Unarmored Footmen (Bondi)

More to be added. I have at least 10 units of Demonworld figures on hand (including some very interesting units such as the fliers and arquebusiers) and will continue to expand as I buy from one manufacturer at a time.