Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 2015

Another slow month, but I got back in gear over Memorial Day weekend to finish a game and the figures in progress.

I registered for Historicon...especially looking forward to the FOB and POB games.

June will be a very slow month as I am away for work for two weeks. I have started on the long delayed  re-basing project on the Imagi-nation troops (texturing all the bases to bring my entire collection to a single basing standard).

15 x 28mm Pulp Figures: 30 points
TOTAL: 30 points

1 x Fantasy Game

Spent: Magazine and HMGS membership renewal, $43, $573 total YTD ($177 under budget!)
Planned: none

The imagi-nation collection out for re-basing.

Finished the Pulp figures on hand (10 just needed basing from last month).