Monday, May 25, 2015

Pray for Dark

Although the Golden Idol is safely hidden from the Forces of Darkness, the Forces of Light could not rest easy. A large force of Goblins and Orcs approached the Hobbit village of Vivaville intent on misbehaving. Gnomes from the next dale rushed to assist as a mixed force of humans, Elves, and mercenary Gnolls took the field. The Evil overlord brought forth a host of undead, Dark Elves, Trolls, Ogres, and other foul beasts to support the Goblin and Orc chieftains.

I fought the battle below over two months...the longest a battle has sat on the table. Victory would be determined by four conditions:
1- Hold the village
2- Breakthrough the enemy line
3- Break the enemy army's morale
4- Defeat the enemy before the end of turn 4

After a hard fought battle, the Forces of Darkness prevailed by achieving 3 of the 4 victory conditions. The Forces of Light would have to settle for preventing the Goblins from sacking the village and taking all the conies.

With this battle, I achieved a milestone...every unit in the fantasy collection has been on the table at least once.

I used a mash up of the Pulse of Battle and Hostile Realms rules with some of my own ideas. I need to finish writing things down and stat up the rest of the 15mm fantasy collection.

The Hobbit village out front...with the Greenskins rapidly approaching.

The Hobbit militia riders on rams and pigs did not last long...poor devils were swept away from the field.

The Forces of Darkness advanced (from the right) quickly on all fronts.

The defense of the village fell to the Hobbit bounders...half dismounted in the village, half on war hounds supported by slingers on the hill.

Swamp welling Lizardmen cavalry took the honors by defeating the Wemic lancers.

Elf on Elf action...the Woodland folk would hold off their Dark brethren for the whole battle.

Gnolls on the flank...but what do they see cresting the hill?

Zombies...hate those guys! (I have zombie horde home rules...tough to break these guys.)

Poor Wemics flee on their first outing...covered by the Gnogres.

The Dark Elf Heavy Lancers could not defeat the mounted bowmen blocking the center...but their armor did keep reflecting arrows.

The Hobbit Bounders held off wave after wave of Orcs and Goblins.

The Knights got spooked by the Wraiths...not a proud showing for the flower of chivalry in the Kingdom.

At least the Giff Gunners put an end to the Skeletal Knights as payback.

The village holds...slings and arrows of outrageous fortune indeed.

The Orcs only had to defeat a unit of Gnome militia to break through the lines...score one for the Gnomes!

The Gnome slingers peppered Medusa's polyglot force in a vain effort to hold the center.

The Elves hold...neither force had room to maneuver to much effect trapped between the hill and the woods.

The Elven levy bowmen on the hill fires arrow after arrow at the Dark folk with little effect. The Kenku birdmen look on waiting for an opportunity to fly over in a flank attack.

With the Knights in full retreat, it fell on the Halberdier Guards to hold off the Wraiths.

The Gnolls finally start to move on the flank of the zombie horde.

Gnogres hold off the Lizardmen...sending the cold blooded folk back to the swamps.

Only to get pounced upon by the Trolls...who break the line to score a victory point.

The flank turned, but the village holds as the sun begins to set.

A force of Ogres, Hobgoblins, and Bugbears advances into the hole in the line...what mischief will they play lose in the lands of Lights?

Stalemate between the Elves.

Honors are even between the undead and the humans...the eternal war will continue.

The Zeds are about to be torn apart by the Gnolls.

The General signals for a retreat with the line pierced. The Hobbit village will have to hold on their own. If only the army had held the line until dark...but the gods have forsaken the Forces of Light on this day.