Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2015

No games or painting this month, but I did finish the texturing/flocking of my entire imagi-nation army. Took longer than expected in man-hours, but I had put it off long enough.

In other news, I will miss Historicon next year because of work...good news it will be the end of a two-year military education course on 22 July 2016.


none (Junior General did play one game with a friend)

$30.69 for the month and $604 year to date. This is $296 under budget for the year. I have a large budget for Historicon next month with a few planned purchases. Most of the expense goes to travel, hotel, and food...I include that in my budget for the year.

1- Pirates: Struggling to get started...but I am determined.
2- Texture/flock Imagi-Nation figures: Done!
3- Historicon: two weeks to go.
4- Cut spending 20%: well ahead of my target.
5- Small additions to existing projects: none, but started a Pulp project.
6- Fantasy Rules: did some work on my home version of FoB/HR.
7- Next Project: Pulp snuck up on me.
8- Lead Mountain: Painted everything I purchased, slow work on the Pirates.

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