Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Large lot of painted 15mm Napoleonic figures for sale

Large lot of painted 15mm Napoleonic figures. Various manufacturers. Based 3 infantry or 2 cavalry to a 40mm wide litko wood base. Based with white glue and can be pried off easily.

Selling the collection as one batch. All were bought off ebay already painted over last few years. Sales price is less than 50% original cost.

Would prefer to deliver to a buyer at Historicon (or deliver in NJ).

 $500 USD plus shipping if not hand delivered.

Collection consists of mixture of nationalities including French, Swedish, Austrian, Saxon, Prussia, British (AWI). Some units can be re-combined into 24 figure battalions. Paint quality averages a nice wargame standard...the Swedes and Prussians are very nice.

58 x 12-figure units
28 x 8-figure cavalry units
22 mounted generals
Mix of additional artillery, camp, pontoons, civilians and dismounted generals.
Small batch of extra figures.

Over 1000 total figures...thats $0.50 per painted figure!
Will be posting this on TMP.

Can email for details at:
tcoakley at optonline dot net

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