Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pulp Alley action

Junior General and a friend asked me to play a Pulp Alley game...perfect opportunity to break out the new Pulp figures for their first battle. Game went smoothly...have to re-read the rules as I know I missed a few points.

The three leagues:
1- Chicago Crime Syndicate (JG)
2- Cult of Crazy (friend)
3- Tsar's Companions (me)

I used the basic scenario with my limited 28mm terrain. Main plot point is the mysterious child located at the top of the temple.

Corner of the regular gaming table...perfect for this size game.

Ivan goes down from a long range pistol shot...he would get back up and almost get me a tie

The Dutchess and Ivanka head for the pile of gold coins in the cave.

The Duke secures the hi-tech rocket after Boris gets knocked out.

Blazing away! The Cult secured some secret ingredients.

The ladies clash with some cultists...coming out on top for now.

Ivan is back on his feet headed for the gold nugget.

This cultist is happy to stay in the shadows with his prize.

Toughs fall like rain, but The Boss still holds the girl.

Ivan and Joe face off!

The Tsar will be pleased.

The battle comes to an end.

Wounded crime boss escorts the mysterious child to safety.

Junior General won 3-1-1 in the end. Great use of fortune and peril cards at the end to keep me from getting a 3rd point, and to knock out my side kick carrying another. Almost had the tie!

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