Monday, July 20, 2015

Historicon 2015

Junior General and I made the trip to Historicon in Fredericksberg. Good time once again. Thanks to all the game masters especially Peter Anderson and David Wood. I played in some Field of Battle/Pulse of Battle and Look Sarge, No Charts two favorite sets of rules for convention games. I always enjoy seeing the "Piquet Crew" and the HAWKS club members.

Trip down went smoothly with some traffic on the last 30 miles on I-95. Stayed in the Hilton Garden Inn again this year, just a short walk to the convention center. Food on site was passable...luckily there are plenty of places to eat close by and Wegmans has a great food bar/sandwich shop. Convention center meets the needs...restrooms still need a better upkeep plan during the day. Noise level is noticeable but I think this is at every convention. Vendor count seemed down to me...missing a few of my favorites such as On Military Matters, Splintered light Miniatures, and Rebel Minis. Flea market was great finds for me. I stayed within my budget this year. Trip home went even more smoothly since we left early Sunday morning.

I did notice a large increase in the number of kids at the convention, a great sign in my opinion.

We will not be able to attend next year due to a military commitment...looking forward to 2017.

-Gnome Wars
-Operation Cobra
-Zombies (JG)
-Hunger Games (JG)
-Fantasy Battle
-Tomb Raid

Loot from the trip...lots of items to clutter the Pulp Alley table
A mix of pictures from our games:

Gnome Wars

Gnome Wars

Gnome Wars

Gnome Wars, my Evil Cultists at the fountain

Operation Cobra with LSNC

The high water mark...almost broke the line

Ligny with Field of Battle Rules, hosted by Peter Anderson


Pulp tomb raiding

Junior General in Hunger Games

Zama with Pulse of Battle rules, I faced off against Junior General

Last game of the convention hosted by David Wood with LSNC-Fantasy version

Junior General took the set of photos below:

Gnome Wars

He played in this Mein Zombie Game

Pennsylvania Pete in action

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