Friday, July 31, 2015

July 2015

July is in the books. My son and I enjoyed the trip to Historicon and played in some great games. Not too much on the painting front once again, but I did knock out a few small items.

PAINTING5x 15mm figures: 5 points
Tents and pillars: 5 points
TOTAL: 10 points

7 games (6 at H'con and 1 at home)
plus 2 more games for JG at H'con

$0 in the regular budget for the month, $1900 at Historicon ($100 under budget, significant portion of this is hotel, travel, and food), sold $400 worth of figures.

Total for the year: $2504, $446 under original budget. I am planning to keep remaining spending to less than $100 per month to close the year...down from my original $150/month plan. Target is <$3000 total for the year, that will be a 40% reduction from 2014!

A few items for Pulp...I added the crystal ball and statue...I think they look great,

Tents...will be used in the first scenario of Perilous Island.

5 figures! Blue Moon 3 Musketeers range, but can be used for fantasy or pirates projects.