Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015

Another slow month...motivation, work, and school keep me down.

0 for the month, I did get in a few short painting sessions.
 On the table: 400 pirates/civilians, 30 fantasy Samurai, 30 pulp figures

0, planning to get a fantasy game on the table in the near future

$162 this month--- more than planned because the Wargames Illustrated subscription came due.
Total for the year: $2666
Budget: $584 under budget for the year.
Plan: I am planning to keep remaining spending to less than $100 per month to close the year...down from my original $150/month plan. New target is less than $3000 total for the year That will be a 40% reduction from 2014!

4th Quarter Plans:
1- Finish 1/4 of the Pirates in October
2- Pulp Figures in November
3- Fantasy Samurai in December

JG set up this compound...will see what comes next.

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