Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016

A very nice month for painting. I leisurely worked my way through some figures while also starting a fantasy game. I am about to embark on a major addition for the Katzenstein project...time to get my OPFOR painted and return to some horse&musket gaming. I am planning on this expansion taking about a year...we will see. Things did not start out well. The white primer has left a gritty covering. I tried putting white gesso over it but that only helped a little bit. I will see how these 144 figures turn out. Time for new spray primer or just stick with brush on gesso.

I will continue with Pulp Alley as well. For anyone who has not checked out the Pulp Alley rules, I suggest giving them a go. Absolutely fabulous skirmish game.
Pretty Detective and an Ancient Horror

36 x 15mm infantry figures: 36 points
8 x 15mm cavalry: 16 points
2 x 28mm Pulp: 2 points

TOTAL: 54 points

Added the four units for the Kingdom of Katzenstein; each represents a significant life event:
- Duchess of Bartley "Viva's Own" Guard Grenadiers - named for my dog, very small 15mm figures since she is very small...these are the men who are too small to make the other guard units.
- Carlisle Musketeers - named for my War College graduation site
- Westfield Dragoons - location of my unit armory
- Madison Musketeers - twenty years since graduating JMU
Carlisle Musketeers

Duchess of Bartley "Viva's Own" Guard Grenadiers

Madison Musketeers

Westfield Dragoons

Next up: 12 x 12 figure units for "The Imperial Army"

1 x Fantasy game in progress
---also scheduled for a game over Labor Day Weekend

$58 this month: 2 Pulp figures and more Pulp Alley cards
Total for the year: $411
Budget: $389 under budget, 
Plan: <$100 per month; on target
Reminder: bases (round), paint, and brush some shield transfers.