Monday, August 1, 2016

Last Flight Out - A Pulp Alley AAR

I had planned a solo continuation of the Pulp Alley "Perilous Island" campaign to close the month, but Junior General and a friend joined me in the fun. In this scenario, the leagues must first secure an initial plot point before trying to get Lady Elaine on the plane to escape, or to sabotage the flight. My Tsarist crew faced off with Junior General's Gangsters, and his friend's Chinese Pirates.

The Duke's Tsarist guys.

The airfield...a rustic affair.

Tsarists at the top left, Pirates to the right, and Gangsters at the bottom..."polar bear of initiate" in the background.

Gangster firing line...shooting in the first 2 turns caused a Cultist to appear.

Red Herring! JG and I each pulled the Red Herring card for the first 2 plot points.

The Duke's hired gunslinger slowed down the Pirates...but at a cost.

The action centered around the two piles of crates. JG and his friend fought tooth and nail.

Some well played fortune cards left me with two plot points...after JG dropped one.

The Duke and the Duchess each have a point...but it is too late to get Lady Elaine to the plane.

Gangster holds the good Lady hostage.

Close to the end...mostly only our leaders and sidekicks still in the true pulp style.

This spearman shook off a dozen hits.

A hollow victory...2 points for the Duke...none for the others.

Smiling even in defeat.

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