Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rumble in the Harbor

I played the next game in the Perilous Island Pulp Alley campaign.

All clues so far have pointed the leagues towards a distant port in the far east.

Lady Elaine and the Eastern Brigade led by The Duke faced off against a band of vicious Chinese pirates led by the infamous Chanimal. This was a solo game in which the pirates won a hard fought victory 4 to 2.

The Brigade approaches from the airstrip.

The pirates have landed at a nearby cove.

The Duchess quickly gets some information from a friendly merchant.

While The Duke convinces a newsboy to provide directions.

The pirates search the Catholic mission and the docks.

The Countess spies something down the alley to the left.

The nuns provide no usefull information (red herring card)

Lady Elaine and her hired guns head for the docks.

A savage battle unfolds.

The pirates accost an old wise man...and he tells them that the Old Sailor they seek is in the bar across the street.

Casualties mount on both sides.

Found Him! What information does the Old Sailor hold in his rum filled head.

The alley of blood.

Lady Elaine unwisely steps onto the dock without her guards.

The Countess falls.

But the Duke guns down her foe.

Chanimal's crew have secured the information they seek...and captured Lady Elaine in the process.

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