Sunday, January 29, 2017

A near run thing

With the Golden Idol's location lost to the leaders of the opposing alliances, the combatants maneuver around the countryside looking for a fight. A large band of Orcs and Goblins move to join their allies and burn a few villages in the process. The Dwarves will have none of this kind of wanton destruction and they march out to meet the greenskins.
Another battle with my Pique/Hostile Realms mash up. Next I will make my custom cards and flesh out the character/leader rules and the magic rules.

A fun game that came down to the wire. At one point, both armies were at 0 morale points and it could have gone either way. Laurels for the battle go to the Dwarven Pikemen. They swept all before them from the field.

View from the Dwarven lines; ready to keep the Orcs pinned up on the other side of the river.

Mass of Dwarven warriors and Pikemen in the center.

Orcs marching to the bridge and ford.

A few ogres are the first to fall.

The ogres and hobgoblins begin to burn the center village.

Their time would have been better spent pushing the attack in the center.

The center and Dwarven left held until close to the time for a victory on the other flank.

The Pikemen see of their first adversaries...and get ready to move right.

The Dwarven right begins in chaos...confused orders, overly aggressive berserkers, and general mayhem rule the day.

The Pikemen coming to the rescue.

The Orcs almost break out of their bridgehead.

Too late...the Pikemen hit the Orc flank.

Just as the bear Riders slam to the Orc warriors and Scorpion riders...defeating both.

Goblin wolf riders are a nuisance at best.

Things heat up in the center...the Orc allies begin to get the upper hand but can't break through.

The Pikemen steamroll the Orcs and Goblins.

While the best Orc troops reform across the river watched closely by the Bear Riders.

The Dwarven Warriors in the center and left pay a heavy price,,,the thin bearded line holds.

Trolls destroy one warband but are satisfied to just eat the dead instead of pressing the attack.

Ratmen warriors see off more Dwarves but they are seemingly endless.

The dark Dwarves are all that remain on the left.

The Dwarven guards and Pikemen have won the day!

The greenskins begin to pull back.

A near run thing in the end.