Monday, January 30, 2017

January 2017

Fantastic start to the new year. I have tried to focus on getting 30-60 minutes a day dedicated to the hobby...painting, prepping figures, tinkering with rules, blogging, and of course, gaming. This has improved my motivation and output. The imagi-nation expansion is ahead of schedule.

48 x  15mm imagi-nation artillery figures and 12 guns: 60 points

120 x 15 mm infantry: 120 points
TOTAL: 180 points
In Progress: 16 x mounted leaders; 30 28mm Pulp figures

Next up: prep the 25 or so cavalry units

Fresh troops hit the field (except that the field seems to be covered in Orcs and Dwarves so they have to get their picture taken on the ready table.
4 field batteries, 2 howitzer batteries

1 fantasy game

A fantasy game in progress with my Battlelore adaptation. I made my own dice using the left over wood blocks from when I made the LSNC dice. Simple pleasures.

$0 this month: I do need some primer
Total for the year: $0

Budget: $100 under budget, Plan: <$100 per month; on target

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