Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fantasy game

My last fantasy game using my rules mash up of Pique / Field of Battle / Hostile Realms played very well but I was struggling to remember the rules and look up the unit stats. I tinkered with the Commands and Colors rules variants to play a new fantasy game.

Made my own dice using the left over cubes from Look Sarge, No Charts, and repurposed some of my IABSM cards.

The game played much faster with more decisive results. I used randomly generated leader levels that turned out to favor the Dwarves immensely.

It is worth another game with a better thought out scenario, commands, and leaders. Plus magic.
My custom dice and card deck

A few rounds in...battle being joined.

Scrum in the center.

Even on the one flank.

Pike Dwarves dominate once again.

Goblins being driven into the river.

Dwarves are starting to break.

Urban combat.

Victory! River line is held. Orcs never had a chance,