Sunday, February 12, 2017

Projects and lead mountain

I have been following a few threads on TMP and listening to some comments on the Meeples and Miniatures podcast about folks building up huge loads of unpainted figures. I decided to take stock of my projects and I think I am doing pretty well.


PULP: 30 figures in progress. Nothing else unpainted.

6mm SCI-FI: End of year or next year's project. One batch of figures and terrain. I plan to paint all these so nothing extra. This will be a growing project next few years.

KATZENSTEIN (imagi-nation): 25 x 8 figure cavalry units I will start next month. I will make one last large purchase of about 150 figures for this project at the end of the year and paint them all in 2018.

15mm FANTASY: Very large batch of Demonworld figures that I got for a steal on hand...will return to these in due time. These should be my only "lingering" unpainted figures. Never-ending many 15mm fantasy figures to add to my already very large collection (171 four-base units).

Zombies: I bought about 100 zombies (and 1 survivor) with the money I raised selling unused lead and rules.

Not bad compared to the posts I see online of 1000s of figures! Other than the Demonworld figures that I know will be taken in small bites over time, I think I will have the rest of the figures all done in 18 months.

I have a few bits and bobs of left over figures from my mature projects. Nothing I plan to paint and probably down to 100 or so mixed figures since I sold the big bags of left over Napoleonics this week.