Thursday, February 9, 2017

Items for sale

I am selling a few items, post in the comments or on my TMP marketplace adds if interested:

1- 22lbs of Napoleonic figures :see notes at the end

2- Rule Books
- Force on force with scenario books (Iraq, Afgh, Vietnam, Bush Wars)
- Black Powder
- Hail Caesar
- 3Ed Flames of War with the Us and German Normandy books
- Field of Glory
-Clash of Empires

3-PC Computer Wargames (Matrix/Slitherine)
- Field of Glory w/ Storm of Arrows, Rise of Roam and Immortal Fire
-John Tiller Campaign Series
-Napoleon in Italy
-Panzer Command: Kharkov
-Empires in Arms
-Close Combat Cross of Iron
-Fly boys
- Alexander the Great (Tin Soldiers)
-Julius Caesar (Tin Soldiers

I will also trade for 28mm zombies/survivors or 6mm sci fi figures.

ORIGINAL LIST OF MINIATURES: I bought this huge batch and used some figures. There are well over 1000 figures, 20+ guns with. 

Museum Miniatures  
light inf _50...
artillery20 guns  100 crew  limbers with riders 10..

battle honors 
-brits  48 with command...

MM French  officers in overcoats 40  
center company advancing  200...
mixed poses 24   
center co firing  90    
elite co marching 50  
firing 50
mted Napoleon 6  
mounted officers 20 
grenadier sappers  12  
French horse art howitzer1 crew 4  

next is old glory and battle honors stuff  
OG Austrians in helmets 80  
in shakos 138  
landwher 75  

Dragoons with horses 72  (all yhe cav have horse)  

 French line assorted poses  100  
elites 100  
center co adv  224   

bicorne firing 24 
bicores standing 312  
bearskin grenadiers 72 
bicorne command 36   
 ass line 44
comand assorted 75 
mounted 12  

lancers in shakos 7  
BH French 418,,
Russians  Cossacks with bows 11 don Cossacks 77 ural Cossacks 16   
6 double trailed guns  

Russian mounted generals 20  
grenadiers 138  
Russian line 44  
militia 27   

Russian guns 5 16 crew  
Prussian Jagers  100