Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Gathering Storm

It has been almost six years since the Grand Army of Katzenstein has taken the field against an enemy on the continent. While there have been several small colonial campaign around the globe, for a time, peace reigned and the country prospered. The rise of a new Emperor in the Imperium, Miroslav-the sixth of his name, and an unlikely marriage have set in motion events that could lead to war.

Miroslav's open belligerence to the break away kingdoms that once belonged to the Imperium is no secret. Since taking the throne, some whisper of poisoning his father, the new Emperor's regiments have brought several smaller states back into the fold. After a short, sharp war, Miroslav's legions have even occupied the Kingdom of Falkenberg right on the doorstep of the Kingdom of Katzenstein. Only the Mountains of Tobsk and the Katzenstein fortress in the pass stand between the bitter enemies.

Events further South, however, threaten to spark the next war. After a hundred years of constant skirmishing, the unlikely romance between the oldest children of the ruling houses of the Duchy of North Nitch and the Duchy of South Stich could bring prosperity to both minor states. There is even talk of the union resulting in a new Kingdom of Nitch-Stitch, an outcome the Emperor would not tolerate.

In anticipation of a possible conflict, King Yertle of Katzenstein has ordered that all regiments of the Grand Army parade for his birthday. He has even called on the colonial regiments to send field forces for a series of exercises in the homeland. Could this be too much for the Emperor? With his forces being reinforced every week in Falkenberg, might the Emperor strike first?

---With the "OPFOR" forces painted, and the latest expansion to my Katzenstein army done, it is time to get back to some horse and musket gaming. It has been almost six years since my last battle...December 10th, 2011. I will use the Field of Battle rules and I plan to use some battle maps from There is an example of how to organize all of the maps to make a campaign map. This will help give some direction to the campaign.