Sunday, August 26, 2018

The bigger they are...

After the shocking defeat on the beach at the first landing site, Sir Miroslav has been more careful. Taking the ship up stream a mile reveals another potential landing site near a cave with some invitingly shimmering stones nearby.

Debarking with several followers, some of the damn green devils soon appear. Sir Miroslav takes the lead and quickly engages the goblins.

The intrepid band sets forth on solid ground once again.

The goblin tribe moves to intercept.

Miroslav and Norriss charge into battle.

Combat breaks out all over. 

Aurey falls...will things go sideways once again?

The battle rages back and forth.

Duelley goes down, traded for a fallen greenskin.

Franc and two more goblins fall to even the odds.

Miroslav moves over to the other flank to gather the troops to explore the cave after clearing the remaining goblins from the field.

A huge brute Ogre will certainly be a tough match.

The beast charges, but Miroslav blocks the savage blow as his allies surround the hulking monster.

Distracted by a series of blows, the Ogre falls with Miroslav's pick embedded in its skull.

After dispatching the Ogre, the crew search the surrounding cave and pluck some of the shimmering gems to take back to the ship for study (20 gp value, 25 total for the band). The shimmering stones appear to be Charmstones. (1 charmstone).

Duelley and Franc are shaken, but quickly patched back up. They will need some rest to recover. Poor Norriss is not so lucky. His lifeless body is brought back to the ship and he is committed to the deep after a brief ceremony.

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