Saturday, July 28, 2018

July 2018

Great hobby month. Historicon was a blast...lots of fun games. I had many days off from work this month and I took advantage to get the Zombie project done...opening the way for a new project from my "I am interested, but will probably never get around to doing" list. A Very British Civil War comes to New Jersey. Bought all the to start painting.

Zombies chasing the survivors

VBCW figures ready to go

Sir Miroslav leads his band to explore the cave

102 x 28mm Zombies and Survivors: 102 points
TOTAL: 102 points

--- I also glued all the AVBCW figures to cardboard...and started the first batch.

6 games at Historicon

---Wooden Warriors game on the table...and I want to get a zombie game going in August.

Out the window. The huge purchases of AVBCW and Slaughterloo figures took me off the rails. At least I have figures to paint for the next few years!

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