Saturday, February 9, 2019

January 2019

A late posting...I had some frosting on the figures from my matte varnish. This is the first time this happened with the brush on varnish. I fixed it by rubbing with olive oil (read it on one of the forums) worked, but it took some effort to get the oil residue off.

60 x 28mm AVBC: 60 points
Total: 60 points
YTD: 60

1 x 15mm sci-fi skirmish

$0   !!!!!
YTD: $0

Squads of Albertines, Socialists, Women's Self-Defense Force, Women's Home Guard, and some militiamen.

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  1. Budget $0???!!!

    I have had frosting with Matt varnish several times; scared me off using the stuff decades ago!