Sunday, May 5, 2019

April 2019

The end is in sight for the VBCW figures. Two more batches to go...and I think I will get 2 armored cars at Historicon.

No gaming...still have one set on the table. Have to get off the computer and get it played.

I have been thinking abut what comes after I finish the VBCW figures...and a new project is creeping into my head. 28mm Fantasy exploration game...played as a mix of individual skirmish battles, and larger warband sized games. I would use the Frostgrave plastic figures as the base, with conversions from other plastic sets. The Rangers of Shadow Deep solo/co-op game (based on Frostgrave) is very intriguing since I play mostly solo.

54 x AVBCW figures: 54 points
TOTAL: 54 points

0 --- 15mm fantasy game still on the table

$84, I backed the Pulp Alley 2ED kickstarter
Total: $94, doing great

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