Tuesday, July 30, 2019

July 2019

A fine month in the hobby. I attended Historicon, painted a few figures, and got in a game at home even with traveling for work for a week.

In August a I expect to finish 36 x 28mm figures, and get in 1 game.

Last picture is a test game of my hex based Commands and Colors fantasy variant...turned out better than expected. Some more tweaks to do.

2 x 28mm armored cars for AVBCW: 4 points
1 x 15mm dragow with rider: 2 points
Total: 6 points
---I also worked on the 28mm fantasy project.

7 games at Historicon
1 game at home
8 total

$1000 total for Historicon including travel expenses
$2225 year to date

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  1. Seven games at Historicon; that's one heck of a lot. Of course there was that year we ran 7 games in 2009... but that was a six man team effort a year in the planning and play testing.

    As always, it was a delight to have you in my Berg Isel game this year! I am already planning for 2020!