Thursday, December 24, 2020

December 2020 and end of year wrap up

The end of a crazy year. Despite COVID, I managed a good amount of hobby work, even with the interruption of moving at the end of the year. We are now established in the new house, I have some time off work, and lots of lead on hand :)

December totals are:


8 x 28mm cavalry: 16 points

Yearly TOTAL: 714



Yearly TOTAL: 6


$0 in December

Yearly TOTAL: $3475

Two more units for the Slaughterloo collection. 

City Militia Cavalry

City Militia Infantry

The new game space in the basement...need boards for the 12x7 table.

Let's review the plans for 2020:

Plans for 2020
1- Focus on Slaughterloo: target is at least 600 figures
-----Accomplished...hit the # and focused on just one project
2- Start Albedo once the range is more filled out...will take about 4 months to paint the figures
3- Attend Historicon
-----COVID interruption
4- Keep spending to <$1800 total... I can do it!
5- 15mm fantasy if I get into a slump
-----No slump so this stays on standby

Plans for 2020
1- Continued focus on Slaughterloo
2- Game more (>6, target 12)
3- Spend less, <$1200 plus Historicon if all goes well
4- Attend Historicon
5- Sell off some figures/terrain...a small downsizing- reinvest $ in Albedo

Project Update
A Very British Civil War: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: May, 2020

Slaughterloo: In progress
---Last Painted: Dec, 2020
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2020

Zombies: Phase I complete. --- consider selling
---Last Painted: Jul, 2018
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020 

Wooden Warriors: I don't plan to continue this project
---Last Painted: Jun, 2018
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2018

28mm Fantasy: Phase I complete. Plenty of plastic kits on hand. --- consider selling excess
---Last Painted: Oct, 2019
---Last Gamed: Oct, 2019

Albedo Anthropomorphic: Not Started
---Last Painted: 
---Last Gamed:

6mm Sci-fi: Phase I complete.
---Last Painted: May, 2018
---Last Gamed: Apr, 2018

Fantasy 15mm: Large number of figures on hand to be painted.
---Last Painted: Jul, 2019
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2020

Pulp Alley: Will have some bleed over with the AVBCW figures. No major additions needed. I will continue to collect all of the Pulp Alley cards and scenarios.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2017
---Last Gamed: Jun, 2020

World War Two 15mm: No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jan, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jul, 2014

Sci-fi 15mm:  No planned additions.
---Last Painted: Jun, 2013
---Last Gamed: Jan, 2019

WW2 Air Combat: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: Apr, 2013
---Last Gamed: Apr, 2013

Splintered Lands Animals: No planned additions. 
---Last Painted: Dec, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

Starmada Space Ships: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: Jun, 2011
---Last Gamed: Feb, 2013

Kingdom of Katzenstein: My 15mm "Napoleonic" imagi-nation. This is the project that got me started in November 2008.  I will continue to add a unit every now and then.
---Last Painted: Dec, 2018
---Last Gamed: Dec, 2011

15mm Pirates: No planned additions. ---consider selling
---Last Painted: May, 2016
---Last Gamed: Not yet


  1. What are you using for tracking painting points, Tim? If you use the Analogue Hobbies scale, as I do, 8 x 28 mm Cavalry are worth 80 points!

    Pretty big spend there, especially considering zero expenditure for Historicon. Mine is going to come in pretty high this year as well, I think - no vacations to spend $ on! :-)

    Looks like the move is in the books; I love the gaming space! Are the walls concrete or something else? The floor looks finished with something other than cement. I see lots of storage... I still need more myself!

    I get my Covid vaccine in about 12 days. I thin Historicon is late enough in 2021 to have a reasonable chance of happening, although there still may be some alterations in protocol then. Hope to see you then!

  2. I use 1 point per figure, 2 for mounted...I should use the AHPC scale...and run up big numbers! I was surprised I spent so much, but these Slaughterloo figures ( I now own almost all) are expensive. The basement is concrete, well smoothed out. I think I will put down some modular mats under the area for cushion. Historicon would be a major bonus to get things back on track. I need a BIG Napoleonics game!