Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cold Wars 2011

I attended the Cold Wars convention in Lancaster PA for a day. Only had a few hours on site, but did some shopping and looked at a few games.

Purchased less than expected and few figures:

Pack of Rebel Mini's "FBI"
black hawk helo (Flashpoint)
restocked on about ten cans of army painter spray
dice (for Field of Battle)
grass tufts
new FoW Turning Tide book
cheap D-Day history book
MBA mid east buildings
10 plastic "army men" for my son

could not find a few items I was looking for and controlled my impulse buying. I want to get some more on hand lead painted before opening another can of worms.

I did confirm that I am happy with 15mm for all my projects. I can cover allmy chosen topics without going overboard. I did look at some 6mm stuff and find it is too small for me.

I pained up the HMMWVs today and worked on two examples of markers for FOB.

This week I will finish the last cavalry unit and I will knock out the remaining generals/leaders for imagi-nation project. I also worked on prepping for the 1st game in my second campaign.