Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011

A very good painting month. I was motivated to finish the imagi-nation units and to attend Cold Wars.

1 x 8 figure cavalry unit: 16 pts
4 x 12 figure infantry units: 48 pts
20 x generals and personalities: 35 pts

2 x HMMWVs: 2 pts
100 x game markers: 10 pts

TOTAL: 111 points

I have also primed and started on the limbers, caissons, and wagons for the baggage train. Target is to finish it in April. Painted the crew for this equipment too.

I have the 1st battle of the next campaign on the table...need to get moving. I am using the Piquet: Field of Battle rules for this...have played about half way through the battle so far.