Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Battle of Merlichetic

I used the Piquet: Field of Battle rules for the game. I started by randomly assigning the leadership values. This gave a significant advantage to the Coalition forces as they had a 12+1 leader and an Average sequence deck vs the Katzian 10 leader with an abysmal deck. Additionally, several unit characterization roles went against the Katzians. (more on this in the next post)

The Order of Battle:

MG Krox: 10d, abysmal sequence deck

BG O'Dell: 12d+1

- Sneeches Seminary Regiment: 8d/4d, Raw

- McElliot's Kreikorps: 10d/4d, Rabble

- Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment: 10d/6d, Regular

- Poozer Pioneers: 10d/8d, Crack

- Hippo-Heimer Fusiliers: 10d/6d, Regular

- 6th Light Field Battery (6lb): 8d/6d, Regular

BG Van Nuys: 8d

- Vavoode Voltiguers: 10d/6d, Regular

- Hippo-Heimer Musketeers: 10d/6d, Regular

- Boober Bay Uhlans: 8d/6d, regular (poor roll on these guys!)

- Hippo-Heimer Dragoons: 12d+1/6d, Regular

Morale Points: 10 (ended with 3)


Marshal Verdun: 12d+1, average sequence deck (this 12+1 would enable them to  survive several morale rolls)

Commander Frist: 10d

- 1st Legion: 10d/4d, Raw

- 2nd Legion: 10d/4d, Raw

- 3rd Legion: 10d/4d, Raw

- 4th Legion: 8d/4d, Raw

- Foot Battery (6lb): 10d/6d, Regular

General De Juer: 10d

- Finnegan Foresters: 8d/6d, Regular

- Hurst Highlanders: 12d/6d, Regular

- Lincoln Light Infantry: 10d/6d, Regular

General La Blanc: 8d

- Britannia Infantry: 8d/4d, Raw

- Luddite Light Infantry: 10d/4d, Raw

- Ribal Dragoons: 8d/6d, Regular

- Grover Dragoons: 12d/6d, Regular

Morale Points: 12 (<0 at end)

I used my new terrain markers for the game and the dry-erase board on the wall came in very handy.

This was a fun battle. The rules supported a narrative style and were great for solo play. Each side had a general plan and when in doubt, I refered back to the plan to make decisions.

I have a short summary below with pictures. I will also post the notes I kept for every card turned in a later post.

3rd of October-
The dawn fog has just started to burn away when the columns of advancing infantry can be seen heading West out of the flooded lands around Merlichetic. The Alliance forces are set up to defend the town with the Sneeches Seminary Regiment occupying a redoubt on the windmill hill and McElliot's Friekorps defending a low hill just North of the East-West road. MG Krox has posted his battery of guns astride the road just on the outskirts of the town supported by the Hartuh Mawtch Musketeer Regiment. The Poozer Pioneers are on the far end of the town and the Hippo-Heimer Fusiliers are in local reserve.

Further South, the Vavode Voltigeur Regiment defend the bridge over the canal [the only crossing point in five miles other than the town]. The Boober Bay Uhlans, Hippo-Heimer Musketeers, and the H-H Murky Dragoons are encamped at the village of Grenoble to the West of the bridge.

The oncoming Coalition troops were grouped in three columns. The Northern most consisted of four battalions of rebel Hippo-Heimer infantry. They were headed straight for the defending Friekorps with three battalions attacking the hill while one moved along the river bank. The central column headed for the windmill hill as the second element of the attack on Merlichetic. The Southern force consisted of two battalions of infantry and two small cavalry regiments. This force headed for the bridge.

The Coalition forces succeded in taking the two hills quickly and began attacks on the main defenses after almost surrounding the Sneeches Regiment and causing McElliot's Freikorp to route. These undisciplined troops did manage to get off one good volley and defeat the firts attacking battalion.

The Coalition 2nd Brigade would fail to force their attack as they looked for passages through the flooded fields. This left the Legion Brigade to attack into the face of the defending troops reinforced by a battery of 6lb guns. Despite heavy losses, the Legion troops almost succeeded in taking the town; their morale gave out after two battalions reached the town but could not dislodge the last Katzian battalion. The failure of the 2nd brigade to support the Legion advance is sure to be a hot topic in the Coalition camp...somewhat molified by the death of General De Jeur reportedly by drowning in the flooded fields.

The Coalition atatck on the bridge began well with a rapid advance and the cavalry even made it across but were caught by a counter charge by the Boober Bay Uhlans. The Uhlans destroyed one regiment and routed another but suffred the loss of BG Van Nuys to a saber wound to the head. He is seriously injured and recovering at the nearby convent. The General's loss did sow confusion in the brigade and they missed a chance to pursure the enemy and turn a tactical victory into an operational route.

A new day sees The Kingdom of Katzenstein again at war. MG Krox's forces are reinforcing the defenses around Merlichetic with the help of some Hippo militia and the local townsmen. He has posted piquets on all approaches and send the Boober Bay Uhlans with the Vavoode Voltigeurs to observe the Coalition Camp.

At the Coalition Camp, Marshal Verdun is building his own fortifications centered on a small redoubt covering the ford. The Legion troops are reorganizing after suffering grevious losses, but morale is still high. The loss of his cavalry puts the Marshal in a foul mood and he is relying on spys to report on the goings on in Merlichetic.

The battlefield from the Alliance side

Troops camped nearby

Vavoode Voltigues defend the bridge

Sneeches Seminary Regiment defend the redoubt in front of the town

McElliot's Freikorps on the next hill

Dawn sees the enemy advancing from the woods

And the Legion advancing along the road and riverbank

The defenders fire with little effect

Sneeches did not wait for the whites of their eyes

McElliot's troops route

4th Legion attack along the riverbank; they would reach the town after being repules several times

Coalition cavalry prepare to charge

1st line is broken

McElliot's troops prove unralliable

The defenders pour on the musketry

Vavoode Voltigues fail to stop the charge with fire

And are pushed back but not broken

Saving time for reinforcements to arrive

Boober Bay Uhlans charge!

Destroying the enemy dragoons!

And routing the 2nd cavalry regiment; this stopped the enmy flank attack

Another Legion assualt

4th Legion routes the Hippo-Heimer infantry and almost take the town

Katzian troops advance and catch the 2nd Coalition brigade as it finaly clears the flooded field

The Sneeches Seminary Regiment prove their bayonets are sharp by routing the 4th Legion

The Legion retreats to fight another day

Covered by the remaining troops of the 2nd and 3rd brigades

Alliance forces reform the line

And defend the canal bridge