Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Campaign Continues

4 October: The opposing forces are stalmated around Merlichetic with the Legion regrouping to the West and the Alliance forces improving the defenses around the town. Both are two weak to conduct an attack and must await further developments. BG Van Nuys is recouperating under the care of the buxom daughter of the mayor.

9 October: The rebels in Gwerhof continue to hold off the Hippo-Heimer forces in anticipation of the arrival of Schluppity-Schlupp forces from the North. The Schlupp corps advances slowly concerned about the situation around Merlichetic.

11 October: Katzian forces in the South are massing for a march to help their allies. One division is enroute to lift the seige at Corfu. Maintaining the fort at Corfu will be a thorn in the Poo-Bochen side and pin their forces near the border.

15 October: In an aggressive move, Katzian troops have landed along the Hippo-Heimer river bank and are advancing to remove the gg troops that have been blocking the river. A victory would reopen traffic on teh river and allow reinforcements to flow into Merlichetic.

The forces landed to attack the blockade force consists of:

Admiral Buxbaum, Lake Winna Bango Squadron-

10- Oif Provisional Marine Regiment

11- Lake Winna Bongo Provisional Marine Regiment

12- Provisional Naval Landing Party

47- Gee Hossa Ehat Guarda de Costa Regiment

48- Nizzonds Volunteer Privateer Regiment

36- Flobbertown Veteran Fencible Regiment

43- Garbledrum Garrison Regiment