Saturday, April 23, 2011

Battle of South Bend

15 October: Katzian forces based out of the District of Doft have won a hard fought victory against the forces of teh Barony of Gluppity-Glupp. The Katzian marine and naval forces, reinforced by some second line units, landed at the small village of South Bend and advanced on the Glupp battery blocking movement along the river.

One brigade of gg troops advanced rapidly to meet the Katzian Marines moving along the river. After severl volleys and some close quarters combat, Commadore Nizzond's Privateers charged the enemy to route a battalion. His blood thirsty troops advanced to the stream after taking the battalion's colors and destroying the unit.

Meanwhile, the second Katzain brigade moved to out flank the defenders but were met by redeploying Glupp troops. The Katzain troops slowly squeezed the defenders back towards the redoubt but suffered heavy casualties along the way.

The issue was in doubt until the end [both sides at 0 Morale Points] when the Floobertown Fencibles completed the encirclement of the defenses just as the gg commander fell in a devestating volley delivered by the Guarda de Costa. The Glupp forces broke en mass and threw down their arms.

The exhausted Katzian forces rounded up the prisoners and took charge of the battery. The River Iller was once again open to traffic as Admiral Buxbaum's depleted force sailed West on the 17th. The Northern Alliance could head into winter knowing Merlichetic would hold.

The Katzian landing force consisted of:

Admiral Buxbaum, Lake Winna Bango Squadron
COL Snape (Oif Prov. Marines)
10- Oif Provisional Marine Regiment
11- Lake Winna Bongo Provisional Marine Regiment
48- Nizzonds Volunteer Privateer Regiment

COL Beetle (Flobbertown Fencibles)
12- Provisional Naval Landing Party

47- Gee Hossa Ehat Guarda de Costa Regiment
36- Flobbertown Veteran Fencible Regiment
43- Garbledrum Garrison Regiment

The enemy forces consisted of six battalions of infantry. The guns played no part in the battle.

Village of South Bend on the right.

A mixed bag of troops scrounged for the landing.

The Glupp river battery.

Glupp forces advanced quickly to halt the Marines.

Colonel Beetle leads the flank march.

Nizzond's roudy bunch break the first line.

Halted by fire from the far bank.

The flank attack is met by heavy fire.

The Marines try again.

Slowly squeezing the perimeter.

Glupp troops repeatedly force the attackers back down the hill.

The fatal moment!

Glupp forces surrender en mass.

This is my second battle using the Piquet Field of Battle rules. A few mistakes, but I'll call that fog of war. This battle could have gone against Katzenstein...I was thinking of how that would effect the campaign when I rolled a 1 to kill the enemy commander. a Morale Test then followed and it spelled disaster for the defenders that had caused much heavier casualties to that point.