Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st Flames of War battle

My son and I played our first game of Flames of War using the figures I bought at Historicon 2010 and finished painting in November 2010. We used the same general set up from the imagi-nation game I just finished.

I made this a simple encounter battle with 3 infantry platoons per side.

I drew first blood destroying a Ranger team and damaging my son's morale. I don't go for the kill on him, but I don't let him win all the time either.

We made some mistakes and started to get a good feel for the rules towards the end. I can't say I like the rules very much but they are fairly easy and fast playing...two valauble attributes when initiating a new wargamer.

I think back to my days playing on a sand table with 1/72 plastic figures using homemade rules...I wish I had known more about wargaming back then (I would have loved Charge!) and I would have been in heaven with the Flames of War troops.