Monday, March 21, 2011

Great Northern War

The onset of hostilities in the north pits three groups of antaganists in combat.

The Northern Alliance consists of:
Kingdom of Katzenstein

Grand Duchy of Hippo-Heimer
County of Keck
District of Doft

The Iller Coalition consists of:
Barony of Schluppity-Schlupp
Barony of Gluppity-Glupp
Legion of Peace (Hippo-Heimer rebels)

The Intervention Army is from:
Principality of Poo-Bochen

Suprisingly, the Kingdom of Didd is sitting things out for the moment while quelling a rebellion in the colonies.

The situation as October opens sees the Iller Coalition forces advancing on Merlichetic and Gwerhof while blockading the Iller river with the forces landed in Hippo-Heimer [PINK]. Meanwhile, Poo-Bochen forces operate in two corps. The first sits outside of the fort at Curfu after having failed to take the defenses by storm. The second force has garrisoned the fort at Ragusa and is advancing to cut the North-South road through Western Hippo-Heimer [GOLD]. In response to the invasions, Hippo-Heimer forces are defending Merlichetic along with the Katzian expeditionary force. Additional Hippo-Heimer forces are locked in combat with the rebels at Gwerhof. The Katzian king has also ordered forces to advance into Southern Hippo-Heimer with elements headed towards Curfu and points further North [BLUE]. More Alliance forces are gathering in Doft for a possible move West up the River Iller.