Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall In 2011

Just back from the Fall In convention at Lancaster, PA.

I stayed overnight this time and got in two games. Had planned on being in a 3rd but arrived too late on Friday. Bought lots of stuff...mostly buildings. Unexpected snow storm looks like it effected attendance.

S-194 - Battle of Eggmuhl, 22 April 1809

Sat. 9:00:00 AM, 4 hrs, 6 players registered
GM: Steven Gelhard and the HAWKs
Napoleonic 15mm, Rules: Shako
Charles thought he knew where Napoleon's army was. He planned an attack with most of his Korps to envelop and destroy the French army located South of Ratisbon, Bavaria. The problem was that the French army was not there, but Davout's corps was and it was concentrating on Rosenberg's IV Korps, forming the Southern hook of Charles' pincer. Even worse, for Rosenberg, Napoleon was on his way there. How long can Rosenberg hold out?
---I was one of the two Austrian players and this was my first time with the rules. It was also my first group game and first convention game. Other than lossing two horse batteries because I did not understand the rules, it was a great game. Came down to the last turn when the French took the last two villages. I had bottled up one enemy division the whole game and made it a tough fight on the flank. We collapsed in the center early on and the broke down into two seperate fights. Good fun all around.

Looking at the Austrian position on the hill. The objective was to take all four villages.

French attack in my sector...I held these guys pinned in the corner all game.

But the Bavarians overran my horse guns (misunderstood the rule) and took one of the center villages.

The Genzers outfought the French skirmishers!

My light cavalry proved to be useless.

The right side of the line.

The cavalry moved forward to slow the Bavarians but only destroyed one unit. The enemy genral made good use of square formation supported by guns to cover his attacks on the towns.

The center getting hit hard. We did OK on the flanks, but the center crumbled quickly.

After my Jagers lost the town, I sent in a regiment to retake the town.

The French are about to crack the line.

Things are getting bad now.

My second set of cavalry charges failed.

But the left flank kept the enemy cavalry pinned in the back with no room to move.

I even launched a local counterattack to defeat the brigade on the far left flank.

12lb batteries pulled back to avoid being overrun.

Battle around the town went to the last turn.

I lost the town and had my counterattack force an inch short.

The second game was a Civil War action

S-166 - The Sound of Silence, Battle of Iuka 1862

Sat. 6:00:00 PM, 4 hrs, 6 players
GM: Tom Cusa
American Civil War 15mm, Rules: Carnage&GloryII
In an effort to crush half the Confederate army in Mississippi, Grant has divided his Army. As soon as Rosecrans makes contact the rest of the army will advance
---I was on the Federal side during this battle...1st time with the rules other than my solo play. We attacked early on but then by brigade took the brunt of the enemy attack. Held the line but were pushed back. I did use my cavalry to flank the enemy and slow down their reinforcing brigade.

Looking at the Union line; my brigade is marching up the road.

Our center.

I went right on the attack to draw the enemy towards me and give my partner a chance to attack the opposite flank. Plan worked but my poor quality troops were no match for the TX and LA troops.

I threatened the center and left to force the Confederates to commit to my side.

Lead regiments made it to the fence line.

10th Missouri got honors during the battle for defeating one attack and the holding the line.

Cav flanking action in progress.

10th MO trade a volley.

My guns were hit hard and lost two cannon.

The Cav run away after a successful delaying action.