Monday, October 3, 2011

Sci-Fi Plans

I am jumping on the 15mm Sci-fi bandwagon. This has been on my list of projects for some time and I did buy a few figures when purchasing some for other uses ...saves on shipping. My wife asked what I wanted for my birthday and since the buildings I had asked for are not in production right now, I asked for some Khurasan sci-fi figures. I got a mix of their line to see what I like.

The plan is to play sci-fi with Tomorrow's War and Flying Lead. One for Company/Platoon games and the second for smaller scale skirmishes.

I keep up on the 15mm sci-fi stuff on Dropship Horizon and TMP.

I will have an "imagi-nation" set up...or is that "imagi-planet"? Lots of different factions to take advantage of the great figure ranges now available.