Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011

No figures painted this month. Had a hard time getting motivated and was distracted by playing a few computer wargames.

I did get some painting in a large batch (about 150 figures) I am finishing up for modern skirmish use. They can also double for use in sci-fi.

On that note, I am planning on starting 15mm sci-fi for use with Tomorrow's War. I have some figures on hand, and will pick up more in the next few months.

I played a big Field of Battle game with my Katzenstein forces and a few small Krasnovia skirmishes including some with my son.

I am attending the Fall In convention next month and will play in my first convention games. Signed up for two and plan on trying to get in two more when I get there. I don't expect to buy many figures, but I do have some books/rules on my list and I am going to get one of each of the 15mm JR Miniatures Middle East buildings.

For the second month I did not add to the mead mountain. My stock is actually under control. I have a small amount of sci-fi miniatures (and expect some more from Khurasan for my birthday this month), 18/19th century civilians, pirates, and my ancients. I will do the ancients and sci-fi in 2012. Trying to keep the mountain to a mole hill.

Comments: my apologies for not answering the comments...problem with blogger. Trying to resolve it now.