Saturday, September 17, 2011

Father and Son gaming

My son wanted to do a similar battle to my last Krasnovia battle on the same small board with the MBA Italian Village buildings.

He fielded a dozen soldiers in a three way battle with some law enforcement and masked gunmen.

He played well until risking a helo landing in the courtyard after I gave him repeated warnings. I commended his desire to not want to leave any soldiers behind. I did not get a good picture of the crash site!

Picking up supplies in the truck.

An aerial view of the battle zone.

1st box of supplies loaded.

Still doing well, but casualties starting to mount.

One of the cops takes down a soldier before getting hit in return.

The final butcher's bill...only two soldiers made it out in the HMMWV.

A very fun game. He has the Flying Lead rules down...just needs to exercise some judgement on when to risk it all.