Friday, September 16, 2011

Battle of Mario's Ridge

We last left the weary armies fighting in the North entering Winter quarters with the lines stabalized. The Poo-Boochen victory at the second battle of Farthing Ford left a sour taste in LTG Von Struddel's mouth and some changes were in order for the Katzain forces.

The quiet Winter soon gave way to a pleseant Spring. In the far North, the Hippo-Heimer forces protect the line along the canal while the rebels and their Schlupp allies bivouac further West. In the Southern part of the Duchy, a Katzian division under the command of MG Van Fleck, the victor of the campaign in Doft two year ago, advances to find the Poo-Boochen forces.

21 April- Van Fleck's large division contains two advanced guard brigades, three infantry brigades, a brigade of dragoons, and a brigade of heavy cavalry. The division soon runs into a Poo-Boochen advanced guard division as both forces race for the dominant terrain along Mario's Ridge.

The Poo-Boochen force is of overall better quality, but is outnumbered especially in cavalry. This proves telling as Van Fleck aggressively moves his cavalry forward to seize the ridge and five brigades of cavary clash in the morning sun.

Cavalry advance to the ridge...Katzian's on the right of the picture.

Light cavalry initially seize the ridge but are soon forced back.

Poo-Boochen heavy dragoons are outnumbered but fight fiercely.

Katzian heavy cavalry crash into the Poo-Boochen forces driving away a dragoon brigade and over-running a battery.

The advantage in sabres takes its toll.

Katzain dragoons hold the ridge while the infantry advance.

The Poo-Boochen commander attempts to break the center while the cavalry clash on the wings.

Many saddles are emptied in an ill advised charge.

The attack in the center crubmles before superior musketry.

While the loss of the guns on the Poo-Boochen left leaves the infantry brigade totally unsupported.

The remaining dragoons try to stem any Katzian pursuit as the Poo-Boochen forces prepare to retreat.

The rear guard takes up position. The tired Katzian cavalry fail to pursue with vigor.

A stream of broken Poo-Boochen units head for the rear.

MG Van Fleck settles for a solid victory at Mario's Ridge. The cavalry performed adequately but missed some opportunities to finish off the defeat Poo-Boochen forces.

I played this game with the Carnage and Glory II computer moderated rules. More on that in a future post.
Katzain Losses
 [ 7%] 1113 men of all arms incl.[ 1%] 177 prisoners of all arms

[ 3%] 365 bayonets [ 15%] 748 sabres [ 0%] 0 artillerists
Honors: [ 162] Krupp Kurassiers

Losses include 1 General[s]: [ 112] Bart Cubbins - Lightly wounded

Poo-Boochen losses
 [ 44%] 4570 men of all arms incl.[ 9%] 1020 prisoners of all arms

[ 37%] 2715 bayonets [ 61%] 1655 sabres [ 50%] 200 artillerists 11 cannon[s] lost
Honors: [ 516] 13th Dragoons
Losses include 2 standard[s]: [ 518] 29th  Dragons [1], [ 506] 1/33rd Line [1]

Losses include 1 General[s]: [ 506] Lanner - Lightly wounded